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Wheter your need is for a steadfast partner to support your first steps into international markets or highly technical services around a global transaction, our association with AGN througout the world provides peerless support and guidance.

Tools for global business

Client Satisfaction Monitor
We monitor standards of international client service through a proprietary online customer satisfaction survey that generates client feedback around the international referral process and also the quality of any of the work conducted. We use the results of the CSM to alter our approach in line with customer expectations.
Client Collaboration Portal
Complex, multi country assignments that require the involvement of a number of AGN member firms or clients sites are handled using our unique Client Collaboration Portal. Powered by the award winning ‘Glasscubes’ cloud based application, we can collaborate, project management and share documents instantaneously around the world.
International sector groups

We are actively involved on several professional forums that allow us direct access to key international subject matter experts.

Live Country Guides

Access to the most up-to date Country Guides produced by AGN International:

Property & Construction: Technical Updates and Case Studies
We can keep you on top of key regulatory changes and critical sector developments through our series of technical updates. these are authored by property and construction sector specialists both here and from leading sector firms within the AGN association. In addition we publish a series of interesting sector case studies so that you can see what other sector businesses are doing and how we helped them with particular multi territory challenges that they have faced.
Business Opportunities Bulletin
The Business Opportunities Bulletin is a regular newsflash that keeps our clients abreast of the latest international investment opportunities from around the world. Each bulletin is contributed from the AGN member firm where the opportunity exists ensuring that there is local expertise to back up any of the investment suggestions.
Regional tax publications
Its certainly true that tax can be complicated. But its even more complicated across international borders – each tax jurisdiction having its own set of rules, regulations and rates. Out international tax publications provide a accessible reference tool to the current tax environment in practically every country in the world.

Case studies

Building and selling of high standard vacation apartments

How we added value:

We accompanied and optimized the entire project with our interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, while coordinating the four entrepreneurs.

Participation in a consor-tium of an important Swiss railway project

How we added value:

We have facilitated, with clear and pragmatic procedures, the management of employees-expats over almost a decade.                                          

Bob Smith

Head of International Business Services

Ian Rolluns

International Tax Specialist

Sam Delaney

International Business Strategy Advisor

Why you should choose us

Minimising hassle for our clients, we work on today’s challenges while generating both domestic and global business opportunities. We have particular experience in manufacturing technology and international property business.
We have a dedicated team of seasoned international specialists that have worked across a range of sectors, in many differents markets around the world.


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Our Clients

We have supported our clients across a range of complex international challenges (see case studies) and in doing so we leverage a series of exclusive client service tools such as satisfaction surveys and collaboration portals.

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